Support Bentley's Law

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) needs your help to support Bentley’s Law to require impaired drivers to pay restitution in the form of child support when an impaired driver causes a crash that kills a parent or parents. Bentley’s Law is pending multiple state legislatures. 

What is Bentley’s Law? The measure is modeled after a proposal in Missouri, which makes impaired drivers pay restitution in the form of child support to a surviving spouse or other relatives who are raising the children of victims until the children turn 18. Bentley’s Law better ensures justice and accountability. MADD believes that passing Bentley’s Law will make people think twice before getting behind the wheel impaired. If a person makes the choice to drive impaired and kills a parent, the person will encounter another consequence for their deadly decision. To the victim of the impaired drivers, Bentley’s Law allows for another avenue of restitution to help ensure justice. Four states enacted measures like Bentley's Law (Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and Maine). 

On this page, please email your state lawmakers in support of Bentley’s Law.